August 5, 2002

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San Diego, Day 1

Dear Family,

Steve is spending the week in San Diego at a convention, and Evan is keeping him company.  Today we flew to San Diego, walked around the downtown area gathering tourist information, checked out our hotel, walked along the edge of the bay, rented a sail boat, and saw many cool things.

Pictures from all of these:

Our hotel. Our room in the hotel. Our hotel has a nice pool, and we spent an hour there, but we've seen better.
Our room has a great view of both the city and the bay. People in the market near our hotel. View of the bay from our hotel room.
The highlight of our afternoon was renting a sail boat.  Right outside our hotel is a small marina with a rental place.  We spent a fun 1.5 hours on the San Diego bay, dodging boats and enjoying the cool breezes.
Evan at the helm. The local marina feature numerous luxury yachts.  This was one of Steve's favorites.

This evening we walked along the edge of the bay until we found this great ship, the Amerigo Vespucci.

We loved it and Evan took a bunch of pictures.  The ship is open to the public later in the week, so Evan, at least, will be back.

  Sunset on the San Diego Bay  

More photos soon.

Love to you all,

Steve and Evan